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Remote Accompanied Viewing (RAV) is a real-time, agent guided, virtual tour of the property you want to sell. Delivering a 360-degree interactive tour requires a special camera that you as an agent set up in the centre of a room or area.

Once activated, you use your GNB Mobile App to trigger it to take a 360-degree photo of its surroundings. Each photo is then uploaded to the software that you have with us, your AMC. This will then allow you to very simply create your tours in less than a minute.

You will be able to give viewers the option to look in any direction using their mouse, zoom in on certain details, and simulate walking through a property. Uniquely, and in addition to this you are going to be able to accompany your applicants on the tour via live video streaming.The effect is fantastic!


The benefits of allowing buyers to walk through a property virtually are an increase in warm leads because potential buyers have already “seen” the house, (which you have had an opportunity to sell to them), and, as a result, faster movement through the sales and lettings funnel.

Here are the eight steps for how to set up a RAV – Remote Accompanied Viewing

Step 1

Equipment & Software

We will send the equipment you need direct to your office. Your software with us come pre-programmed to manage all of this for you. We just need you to install a “plug-in” at your end. It takes just 5 minutes to have you up and running.

Step 2

Getting Started - Create a Room List of Images & Shots

Make a list of every room in the house that you want in your virtual tour. Walk through every room. Pretend you are the camera and think about the best place to stand to highlight the features of that room. When you find a good spot in each room, make a note of where that spot is next to the name of the room on the list. This will be your list of shots for your virtual tour.

Step 3

Prepare the Room & Camera for the Shot

Now that you know where you will set the camera, you need to position it to get the clearest shots and remove obstacles that obstruct the lens. To prepare the camera, level the tripod to make sure the camera is steady, clear away obstructions, and test remote operation of your equipment. Be sure that there is enough lighting to make the features of the room stand out.

Level the Tripod

You need to make sure that your tripod is level to ensure images are uniform; this applies to both static and 360-degree (panoramic) photos.

Clear Obstructions & Clutter

When the tripod is levelled, look around the camera in all directions. Remove anything that stands in the way of the lens, ensuring a clear view of the entire room. Also, take anything out of the room that might make it seem messy or obscure high-value features. The clearer the view, the higher quality the final tour will be.

Step 4

Take Test Shots

You should test each of the shots on your image list to make sure that you are highlighting the features you want buyers to see. Take a test shot in the room and look at it. If the sun is in the wrong place or the room looks too dark, make adjustments to compensate. If you notice that the camera is spotlighting something you do not want, then move the camera or adjust the items in the room accordingly.

Take a few photos to make sure you are getting the shots you want. Review the pictures and adjust your remote settings to compensate for any timing delays. Also, be sure to keep an eye on any mirrors, glass, or windows to make sure you do not appear as a reflection in the pictures. If you do, pick a different place to stand as you operate the camera remotely.

Step 5

Take All 360 Shots in Your Planned Image List

Once you get the camera settings correct, you are ready to move through each room on your image list to take pictures. Move from room to room, set up the camera, and take pictures.

Check each image on the camera screen before moving the camera. Adjust the room and retake images as needed before moving on to the next room. It’s better to have too many photos than too few

Step 6

Create Your Virtual Tour

Now that you have all of your images, it is time to create your virtual tour using the software you have in your AMC with us.

Make a virtual tour by uploading your images to the software and add your clickable hotspots.

The software will stitch together your 360-degree tour – you will be guided step by step for how to do this. It’s very simple.

Step 7

Share Your Virtual Tour

Once you finish your virtual tour, the software will provide you with a link or code that allows you to embed the tour on websites or on your social media accounts. It is stored in the cloud. While you can place the tour on most digital assets, it’s recommended that you at least add the virtual tour to your website. You could then think about sending traffic to it via paid advertising on Google or Facebook, for example. You can also use a video email program like BombBomb to send your virtual tour to leads.

Step 8

Sell the Property via Remote Accompanied Viewing

Your tour comes uniquely with the ability for you to accompany your prospect on the tour virtually. You will be able to speak with them, see their face, respond to their reaction to what you’re saying and to genuinely interact with them whilst on the tour – helping you to genuinely make the sale online.

What’s more! You can then send your prospect a recorded video copy of the viewing, which they can then share with friends and family. Good luck!

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