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Industry Updates

Want To Sell Your Home For A Profit Here’s How

We’ve grown to learn that estate agents don’t necessarily have the same point of view when it comes to “fixing” the property before putting it in the market. Some say, fix it up, whilst some say if won’t make that much of a difference to the price. But one thing they DO agree on, is the advantage of having a fully functional website that not only brings in the clients, but also takes care of all other issues – such as maintenance issues. This is where we, GNB Property Software Solutions, come in. We realised that shuffling around from one software to another, dealing with tenants and landlords, pl...

Propertymark September housing report suggests house prices stabilising

Although the number of properties available to buy is lower than we have seen before in September, it hasn’t dropped since August meaning that just enough properties are coming to market to satisfy demand.“Just enough…”What if you had a highly engaging website and a powerful office software that does all the hard work for you, can you see that those “just enough properties” will sell/rent a lot faster?We’re here for you, all the way.Want to find out more? Why not take our GNB Property software for a free spin? Simply call 020 4538 0809...

Will Every Estate Agent Be Self-employed?

Is being self-employed the way to go? Is it YOUR next step? By working on your own, in your home office, you will have no overheads. And if you’re a sole estate agent, you get to keep the full commissions. Have you been thinking about going the sole estate agent route but was put off by the “startupness” of it all? Well, let’s put one aspect of that to rest. This is where we come in. We can build for you a targeted and optimised front-line presence, a website, that can work very well in consistently acquiring clients for you. After all, no clients, no business. And we can do that (a...

Fewer Branches Is the New Operating Model

Work from home... Work online... Capture new clients... Get new instructions... Meet your targets... Have fewer branches... Hold on a sec. Have fewer branches? If you have fewer branches, how can you be in front of new clients? You can... through the power of an engaging and captivating website – one that works for you without ever going to sleep, unless your server crashes :) Having a website may be the most important asset that could get you potential clients 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. That appealing, engaging and user-friendly website will do all the heavy lifting for you. By having few...

New boards ‘quite unlike anything that’s been done before’

Creativity. Innovation. Two things we have in common with Daniel Cobb. We salute novelty, modernisation, and improvement at all levels. At GNB Property Software Solutions, we are always wearing our innovation cap (except when we shower and sleep). If you’re as creative as Daniel, we can match your creativity by building your very own website in the innovative way that you want. And we may suggest some innovative ideas of our own if you’re OK with that? Give us a call and see your creative ideas come to life: 02045 380 809 Now, here’s the full article: New boards ‘quite unlike an...

Estate agent wins double silver in Best Business Women Awards 2021

When I read this article, I felt immensely happy and proud of Deborah Richards for winning double silver in the Best Business Women Awards 2021. Congratulations Deborah Richards! This announcement reminded me of GNB Property Software Solutions’ own achievement. We have been shortlisted in the prestigious Negotiator Awards 2021 in the category of “Supplier of the Year”: Technology (Agency Software). Congratulations GNB! It’s great to celebrate success in all its forms. We at GNB have the same line of thought as Deborah, which is to provide “exceptional customer”. Many of our...

Will Online Agencies Take Over

Recent data is showing a clear move to online tech. Estate agents are moving towards using online tech to make their lives much easier, allowing them to focus their attention on other things within their business that the software cannot do. Having an online platform has added bonuses, too. It works non-stop: 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. It can magnificently lower operational costs, increase efficiency and diminish mistakes and oversights. This brings about the question that may be on many estate agents’ mind: “Will online agencies take over, or do we still need face-to-face contact?” That’s a great question. For thos...

Rightmove Listing-fee Increase

Rightmove has hit the headlines recently with their steep listing-fee price increases. This has brought a lot of controversy, and many agents have opted to leave Rightmove and save thousands of pounds a year. One comment (PeeBee) said, "their greed is killing THEMSELVES" and not the agents. And goes on to say, "They will kick, bite, scratch and punch – but IF WE – their ONLY source of “food” – STARVE THEM, they can only wither and die". Has Rightmove made the right decision? You decide. The article below dives a little deeper into this issue. Once you've read it, and it stirred within you the itch to consider another portal...

Revealed: What To Consider Before Setting Up Your Own Agency

The pandemic has extensively introduced the idea of working from home. Some people liked working from the comfort of their home, avoiding commuting, the cold, and other inconveniences, whilst others perhaps didn’t. Of some of those that did like the idea, a spark of enthusiasm caught their attention. Many agents were on the fence of starting their own estate agency. They believe they have enough experience and want to venture on their own. Yet, perhaps they didn’t feel the time was right, or they didn’t know what it would be like to work from home, or they didn’t have the courage to take the first step to get things rolling. ...

Deadline For Marketing A Home

Is there a deadline for when a home is to be marketed, especially when it comes to Christmas time? Some estate agents may agree, others may not. Either way, the article below opened the door to the notion that there is a deadline for when a home should be marketed for the new vendor to be in their property by Christmas time. It states that, “The Homeowners’ Alliance says a vendor must list their property by October 20 at the latest.” Is the October deadline realistic? Is it too early or is it too late for the vendor to be in their new property by Christmas? If your past experience indicates that October 20 is approximatel...

The New 5 to 9 Working Hours For Real Estate Agents

Real estate agents may be asked (if they haven't already) to work late evenings and perhaps into the night-time. This concept may feel strange to some agents, but it seems that traditional working hours are changing. Some, or perhaps many, agents will be unhappy about this. They may finally decide to leave and start a home-based agency business where they can dictate their own working hours. Others will just go with the flow and accept longer working hours to be the new norm. Either way, we feel that at GNB Property Software Solutions, we can lend a hand to make life easier and more laid-back for the ...

Thinking of Starting Your Own Real Estate Business?

You may be fed up of your current job. In fact, you may hate your current job (or your boss). You know a fair bit about property, and you’re considering taking a shot at renting out a friend's flat to venture out on your own. To be your own boss. The flat is sitting there… Empty. Calling out for a tenant. You know your market and the area. So, what's your next step? There are many things to consider. But, one of them is to think about how are you going to get the word out there. How are you going to let potential tenants know there's a flat just waiting for them? Do you advertise on expens...

How Has the Internet Impacted Businesses?

Twenty years ago, a business opened a storefront, put ads in the local paper, joined a local networking organization and hoped the local customers needed what they had to offer. All that changed with the inception of the Internet. A business is no longer dependent on its local customer base for its survival; it now has a worldwide audience for its goods and services. The Internet has changed not only a business' customer base, but how a business communicates with its employees, and finds and manages the competition. Marketing to a Wider Area With the advent of Internet marketing, a business must stay abreast of the needs of...

Phew! Letting agents welcome return to pre-Covid eviction rules on 1st October

Propertymark says its members are relieved that the government is sticking to its promise to return the evictions system to normal. Letting agents have welcomed the government’s decision not to extend the restrictions on evictions introduced 18 months ago at the beginning of the first national lockdown in England. Ministers have confirmed that notice periods for both Section 21 and Section 8 notices will revert to two months from the current six months for most types of eviction from October 1st onwards. Agent and landlords trade bodies, as well as many experts, have argued that keeping the extended notice periods for evi...

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