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The New 5 to 9 Working Hours For Real Estate Agents


Real estate agents may be asked (if they haven't already) to work late evenings and perhaps into the night-time.

This concept may feel strange to some agents, but it seems that traditional working hours are changing.

Some, or perhaps many, agents will be unhappy about this.

They may finally decide to leave and start a home-based agency business where they can dictate their own working hours.

Others will just go with the flow and accept longer working hours to be the new norm.

Either way, we feel that at GNB Property Software Solutions, we can lend a hand to make life easier and more laid-back for the agents; whether they work from home, or they work later hours at their High Street branch.

It doesn’t matter if you’re the work-from-home person, or the late-evening owl, we feel we can help you and your company.

Give us a call on: 02045 380 809 and find out how GNB Property Software Solutions can pave the way to a more relaxing work-from-home endeavour, or a more effective way of generating continued business even after you lock up for the day (this way you won't have to work too late into the night).

The article below, Working 5 to 9, expands on the traditional hours that may be coming to an abrupt end:

Working 5 to 9

Lisa Isaacs asks whether agents should bother staffing their branches on a 9 to 5 basis when the High Street is taking on a more social, after-dark incarnation.

Commentators have been trumpeting the death of the High Street for decades, with out-of-town retail parks, online shopping and a pandemic all threatening to bring down one of Britain’s much-loved institutions.

While it’s true some High Streets will never be the same, it doesn’t mean they won’t survive or even thrive. Evidence is mounting that shopping thoroughfares are becoming leisure and social destinations more than retail ones – you only have to look at the number of coffee shops to appreciate our love of lingering over a latte.


Discussions about estate agency branches should be held in line with wider conversations about the future role of shopping districts. Even the Government’s own long-term strategy to revitalise High Streets recognises retail isn’t the only option – it is openly encouraging councils to transform empty shops into entertainment venues, without planning permission.

An interesting article recently published in The Week discussed what to do in the City of London, where the term ‘ghost town’ is being liberally applied. The feature is full of salient points that highlight how working away from the office will affect daytime footfall and why the future of the City may lie in the night-time economy.

So, where does that leave agents?

[Continue reading the full article]

At GNB Property we’re dedicated to helping you grow your business and we strive to offer top quality, technology solutions to save you time and money. For a simple pay-as-you-go monthly subscription, you will receive best-in-class support from your new technology partners.

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