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Beyond Software: The Invisible Factor

Ana Maria

Ana Maria


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Tech Tips and Tricks


Selecting the right software package for your business is crucial, but it's the support that accompanies it that can truly make or break your experience. Imagine having the most advanced tools at your disposal but feeling overwhelmed by the complexity, or worse, abandoned at the first sign of trouble. This is where GNB Property stands out, offering not just tools but a comprehensive support system designed to empower your agency, and most importantly make you feel heard.  


Had a Bad Experience In The Workplace that Wasn’t Your Fault?  

“It’s the very best software in the world” they said. “It’s SO easy to use! It’s basically the same as your other one… You won’t need any training!” they said. “Onboarding is so easy for us to do!” - sure….  

And then it doesn’t happen! But at least you aren’t tied in for another 5 years. And the price goes up next month. And you’re still not using it properly.  


Your choice of software provider should start first and foremost with - What type of Technology Partner do I want?  

When you speak with us, our team of experts will first look to understand your business, and figure out exactly what it is you need. What’s your story? What does success look like for you? These are the things we need to know to make a proper consultation.  



We’re very confident in what we do, but will be very up front if we don’t think this is the right package for your business.  

Before you read any further, we think it’s important to highlight that across our video testimonials and client reviews, clients always say our customer support is exceptional, no matter what.  

Understanding the critical role support plays in the successful implementation and rollout of software, GNB Property has developed a unique offering. Our technology partnership extends far beyond the software itself, putting the customer's needs, emotions, and experience at the forefront. 


What does best in class look like to us?  

  • Dedicated Account Management: You’re paired with an account manager who understands your business inside and out, ensuring personalised and knowledgeable support at every turn. 

  • Unlimited Training: Whether you’re onboarding new staff or looking to explore more complex features of the software, our unlimited training ensures you’re always equipped to leverage our system to its fullest. 

  • Attention to Detail: It’s the small things that often make the biggest difference. Our commitment to detail ensures that every interaction with our system and team adds value to your business. 


Our approach at GNB Property goes beyond providing excellent software; we cultivate a partnership that prioritises your agency's growth and success. With a focus on best customer support, we ensure that every agency, regardless of size or scope, receives the attention and resources needed to thrive in today’s competitive market. 


In the end, the choice of software for your estate agency is about more than just features; it’s about choosing a partner committed to your success. GNB Property offers this commitment, ensuring that from the first consultation to everyday use, your agency is supported, trained, and valued. 

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