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Revolutionise Your Property Viewings with GNB Property’s Remote Access Viewings Software

Ana Maria

Ana Maria


RAV viewings software
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In the competitive world of real estate, conducting efficient and effective property viewings is essential for securing business. However, the traditional process can be fraught with challenges, from no-shows and impractical viewings to the logistical nightmares of coordinating multiple site visits. This is where GNB Property’s innovative Remote Access Viewings (RAV) Software steps in to save you money and win more business than ever before.  

Addressing Common Viewings Challenges 

A day packed with back-to-back viewings, each at different locations, with potential buyers or tenants who might not even turn up: it's not just frustrating; it's a significant drain on time and resources. 

So We Listened to Your Concerns to Build the Best Solution 

At GNB Property, we’ve developed a solution that directly addresses these pain points. Our RAV Software enables agents to conduct initial viewings via video call, allowing both parties to engage in a comprehensive walkthrough of properties without leaving their offices or homes. This not only cuts down on unnecessary travel but also ensures that face-to-face viewings are reserved for seriously interested parties, helping with international investors and avoiding busy city centres and long country lanes where not needed! 

Here’s How GNB Comes in to Help 

  • Pre-Qualification Process: Streamline your client interactions by ensuring that only qualified applicants proceed to real viewings, increasing the likelihood of a successful transaction. 

  • Engaging Virtual Tours: Provide an immersive viewing experience remotely, making efficient use of your and your client's time. 

  • Reduced Travel and No-Shows: Minimise the disruptions caused by missed appointments and the logistics of traveling between properties. 

Enhanced Efficiency Leads to Increased Referrals 

By adopting GNB Property’s RAV Software, agencies like yours have reported not only more streamlined operations but also an uptick in client satisfaction—often leading to increased referrals as there’s less interference with tenants, and much greater success rate on viewings. Happy clients who have experienced the convenience and efficiency of remote viewings are more likely to recommend your services. 

Your Partner in Property Management 

GNB Property is committed to more than just providing cutting-edge software; we aim to be your partner in success. Our RAV Software is part of a broader suite of tools designed to enhance every aspect of your estate agency operations, backed by continuous support and training. 

Take the Next Step in Viewing Innovation 

If you're ready to transform how your agency handles property viewings and to significantly improve your operational efficiency, it’s time to consider GNB Property's Remote Access Viewings Software. Let us help you turn every viewing into a potential success story. 

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