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Simplifying Property Repairs from Tenant to Contractor, Agent to Landlord

Ana Maria

Ana Maria


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The journey from reporting a property repair to its resolution is often stressful for everyone involved - tenants, landlords, agents, and contractors. The traditional process can be a tangled web of communications, leading to lost information, delays, and frustration. Recognising this challenge, GNB Property has developed a straightforward solution within our Agency in a Box offering to simplify how repairs are reported and managed, making the process transparent and seamless. 


Are You Keeping Track? 

Imagine a scenario where a tenant discovers a leaking pipe on a chilly winter morning. The tenant is concerned, the landlord is anxious about property damage, the agent is juggling multiple repair requests, and the contractor is trying to gather enough information to understand the job. This all-too-familiar scene is where the traditional approach to property maintenance often falls short, and a simple straightforward task can get lost amongst all the other goings-on of agency life. The downside of a single day’s delay however can be massive.  

Agents Told Us What They Want to See 

In response to the pressing need for a more efficient way to manage repairs, GNB Property introduced a comprehensive 'report a repair' function. Accessible via both a tenant app and a website login, this feature allows for the direct and transparent transfer of information from tenant to agent, including detailed descriptions, photos, and videos of the issue. 


Here’s How GNB Comes in to Help 

  • One-Click Contractor Assignment: Upon receiving a repair report, agents can swiftly assign a contractor to the job with just a click, ensuring prompt action. 

  • Direct Tenant-Contractor Coordination: Contractors can directly organise the repair timing with tenants, streamlining the scheduling process. 

  • Landlord In the Loop: Landlords are kept informed throughout, from the initial report to the repair completion. 

  • Efficient Job Management: Contractors have access to all job details upfront, aiding in accurate quoting and efficient service delivery. 

  • Seamless Invoicing and Reconciliation: With the integrated CRM, agents can manage invoicing smoothly, from quotation to payment collection, through to straightforward client statements.  

The Impact 

Simplifying the repair reporting and resolution process, GNB Property's solution not only alleviates stress but also enhances satisfaction across the board. Tenants appreciate the direct line to report issues, landlords value the transparency and efficiency, and agents benefit from the streamlined, coordinated, and logged workflow. This positive experience leads to increased business referrals, as satisfied clients are more likely to recommend the agency to others. 


Smoothen Things Out Right Now!  

In an era where efficiency and clear communication are paramount, GNB Property's repair reporting feature sets a new standard for property maintenance management. By adopting this solution, your agency can transform a historically cumbersome process into a smooth, efficient, and stress-free experience for everyone. 


Are you ready to gift your landlords, staff, contractors and tenants peace of mind? Contact GNB Property today to book a demo and learn more about how our Agency in a Box can empower your property maintenance process. 

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