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The Technology Partner Who Puts YOU First

The Technology Partner Who Puts YOU First

Are you tired of adapting your way of working to a system that was prepared by someone else?

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You can also give us a call at 02037892892 we would love to speak with you

"It integrates so many different parts... seamlessly and means I no longer need to pay for several additional products."

Warren Brown - CWB

Join the Family
Let’s face it; not all technology fits how you work, and that can be frustrating.
But you’re not IT experts, you’re estate agents. So as estate agents, how do you make sure you get what you need from your software?
That’s where we come in; your new technology partners.
That means that we take care of the technology side of things so you don’t have to, and we actively listen to tailor the product to fit your exact needs.
Why would Lisa the Commercial Property Guru be expected to use the same system as Bill who sells manors in the countryside?
If you can relate, let us help!
Do you suffer from these headaches:
  • Paying for a new piece of software for every little task?
  • A system that you need to change your routines to fit around?
  • Wasting time that could be spent on growing your business?
If you feel this way, it isn’t good for business - you need something simple, that not only does everything you want but does it just as efficiently too.
A subpar system costs you money every minute you waste trying to navigate it

“.. [we] work far more efficiently thanks to this system”

Nicola - TIGER Property

So what’s the answer?
We’re not just software providers, we’re a technology partner, meaning:
We offer a flexible solution, with API integration opportunities
You have your own Account Manager, a dedicated support person, who feels like one of your own team.
With unlimited training, unlimited numbers of properties, and unlimited users, you’ll be fully supported at every stage.
New Website Design every 3 years as standard.
No long-term contract, we’re confident in our services.
No two agencies are the same, so it only makes sense that no two systems should be either. Your agency will have needs specific to only you and as your technology partner we want to make sure those needs are met. That’s why we’re happy to tailor all of our products to your specifications - simply tell us what you want and we’ll put our talented team of developers on it.
To do what you do best you need a system that supports you. Not one that takes time away from your business.
At GNB you’ll get the very best technology available and a system that’s made for you - quality guaranteed.
With us, you will be able to:
  • Forget about keeping track of dozens of different pieces of software
  • Get the latest tech available at no extra cost
  • Have the system you want at a fixed, monthly price
  • Receive free training for new and current employees
  • Have any piece of software you’re currently using integrated into your new system
Now you have an efficient system that supports you, you can focus on earning money and growing your business.
Book a Demo now to see this in action
We’ve partnered with hundreds of agencies to build them the system they want, we’re property people providing property solutions, and we’re excellent listeners.
So what are you waiting for?
Want to know more? Curious about how you can get the system you want and improve your business?
Book a demo and get started today!
It’s never really the perfect time to swap Technology Partners - so whenever you are ready, reach out to us.
Our Promises to you:
Win More instructions
Save Time, and Money
Rent / Sell More Properties
We give you the best treatment, so you can give your clients the best treatment.
No Contract, Unlimited Properties, Unlimited Users.
Everything you need from a Technology Partner, now and forever.
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