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Help during the pandemic

Help during the pandemic

Lockdown has put a halt to almost every aspect of life, and while we’re all trying to get back to some semblance of normal, things aren’t and won’t be the same. Everyone is struggling to find new ways to go about their lives; to connect with people and work and live. Here at GNB we want to help you do that.
Businesses have been gradually moving online for years now and, as a technology and software partner, we’ve been keen to help our clients keep up with the rapidly moving times. Now, more than ever though, the internet is vital to keeping them afloat and we’re in the perfect position to help you make it through this pandemic.


One of our top priorities is ensuring you have the quality website your business deserves. In today’s climate your website is as important as any physical office; it’s the first thing your clients sees and will shape their view of your company. In just 48 hours we can completely redesign your website and help put you in the best position possible to maintain existing and gain new clients.
To succeed during the pandemic requires more than just a website, though; these days we all have to be a bit creative with things that were once simple. One of the most difficult things for a business today is the customers. Restrictions mean we can’t engage with them the way we used to and this can become detrimental.

360 property viewings and R.A.V technology

Our 360 property viewings and R.A.V technology are tried and tested systems that we’ve been using for years and that we believe can make all the difference to your business. The 360 property viewings enable you to set up video tours or create a 3D, virtual walkthrough of all your properties, which any one of your clients can view. Our R.A.V technology then allows you to host online, face-to-face meetings with clients and take them through the properties as you would if you were physically there. Your clients might not be able to visit your properties right now but we’re here to help make sure they can still see them.

Lettings and Management module

It’s not just clients, though; lockdown has made day to day management more difficult. You can’t knock on an office door and ask a colleague for the file you need anymore. With more and more people working from home, staying connected and having access to important data can be difficult. Our lettings and management module keeps all the important information in one place; helping to make managing and sharing documents a little easier.

GNB Properties.

Your Technology Partner.
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Lockdown doesn’t mean life stops; which means business doesn’t either. We want to work with you to solve the issues
we’re all facing today and help see your business come out of this pandemic stronger than ever.

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