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Personable Branded Emails in One Click

Personable Branded Emails in One Click

Fed up with the repetitive task of writing, editing and sending off the same emails over and over again? Maybe you pay someone in your office and this is their main task each day? We’ve developed a quick fix that will save you time and guarantee the quality you deserve.
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Email communications are a necessary part of business but they’re a monotonous and time consuming task to do when you could be focussing on much more important things - So what can you do to change that?
The solution’s simple: fully branded, pre-formatted emails. We’ll take care of the small stuff so all you have to do is pick the email you want and send it off.
Our system is clever in a simple way - rent is overdue, you know which tenant didn’t pay, and since when. The AMC is wired up in a way that any information can be zipped around, meaning you don’t need to find any details to continue drafting the email, that information will be automatically pulled in from the various parts of the system!
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What you don’t want in an email:
  • Spelling mistakes
  • Bad grammar
  • Misinformation
What effect does a badly written email have?
  • A poorly worded email can spread misinformation and cause confusion
  • Simple mistakes show your clients a lack of attention to detail
  • Current clients can lose trust in you and your businesses capabilities
  • You could lose potential clients
We can all agree, sending bad quality emails isn’t good for business but writing and editing a large number of them every day isn’t easy.
Poor emails waste time, cost money and lose you clients!
So what do you do?
Our pre-formatted emails mean:
  • You can feel secure in the knowledge that the emails you send out are mistake free
  • All your emails are already fully branded
  • Half the work is already done for you, so you can save time everyday
  • Any member of staff can communicate on behalf of the company confidently and professionally.
Emails are crucial for keeping current clients informed and gaining new ones, so you want to make sure what you're sending out is nothing but the best. Our easy to use software offers you top quality emails ready and waiting, for your convenience.
A single email can be the deciding factor in whether you gain or lose a client; a set of impressive emails at your fingertips can go a long way in securing the decision you want, and you can expand on them, make them more complicate or more simple, and re-write them as often as you’d like.
With us you can be sure that:
  • The emails you send out are well written and professional
  • There are no mistakes for you to worry about
  • You can rely on the information being up to date, and highly accurate - anyone can do it.
  • You’ll have something to send no matter the topic
  • They’ll come fully branded and ready to go
  • They’re hassle free and easy to use
  • You can get them sent off quickly and save yourself time everyday
Communicating with your clients couldn't be easier. So now that’s taken care of, you can focus on more important things - like growing your business!

“I would recommend GNB for any business.”

Suren - Glenmore Properties

We work with hundreds of agencies to help make things easier for them - we take care of the small things so they can focus on making their business succeed.
So what are you waiting for?
Want to know more? Curious about how you can save time and guarantee quality in your emails?
Book a demo and get started today!
It’s never really the perfect time to swap Technology Partners - so whenever you are ready, reach out to us.
Our Promises to you:
Win More instructions
Save Time, and Money
Rent / Sell More Properties
We give you the best treatment, so you can give your clients the best treatment.
No Contract, Unlimited Properties, Unlimited Users.
Everything you need from a Technology Partner, now and forever.
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