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This is an EXCITING story!

Many agents are unhappy with their software providers – at least that’s what we often get told here at GNB.

They are unhappy for whatever reason, and they feel stuck; they don’t see an alternative. They think that all software providers offer the same package, the same features, the same promises, the same bells and whistles. The same “no human being to talk to experience.”

But that’s not necessarily the case.

And that being so, allow me to ask you this quick, Yes or No question:

Are you really happy with your current software provider?

Are you getting the service, the courtesy and friendliness, and customer support that you believe you’re paying for?

If you shook your head and answered No, this true story will be of interest to you.

Stevie is an estate agency owner. After many conversations with a local software provider, where he was given many promises and assurances, accompanied with all the bells and whistles, he signed up with them.

At the beginning, things went smoothly. But as time went by, he felt he wasn’t getting his money’s worth.

The promises he was given prior to him signing up… vanished.

The bells and whistles he was assured to receive… disappeared.

Stevie said, “I was paying [them] money, and I wasn’t really getting what [they] promised me at the beginning. Again, very nice people, very professional. They were designing what they think the industry needs, rather than designing what the industry actually needs.”

You may relate to this because this sort of thing, unfortunately, happens too often.

What Stevie said most definitely resonated with us at GNB, as it may have with you.

This is why we’re on a mission to actively listen, and ensure our customers are receiving the solutions that they ask for, in the way in which they imagine them.

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Now, this is where the story gets exciting.

Stevie enthusiastically said, with his hands waving all around him, almost knocking his coffee mug off his desk. “When GNB came along, I looked at it, and I thought, yeah. I like this. It’s really innovative. The people seem really nice too. I’ll give it a try!”

And give it a try he did. He quickly switched over to us.

After using our system for a week or so, Stevie called us to say, “There’s a big reluctance for people to change because of the training, and the re-familiarisation. I’ve shown your system to 4 people, and they’re like: “Wow” - Really! They’re like: “WOW”!”

Needless to say, they loved our software!

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One of Stevie’s friends (an agent) was still on the same previous software. They talk often. Stevie tells this friend quite frequently, “This is AWESOME compared to [my previous software].”

When we asked Stevie what impresses him most about our software and the way we work with him, he replied:

- The product as a whole

- The backup he gets

- The personal support he always receives

And he concludes, “I’ve never come across a support team like yours in the industry. Any agency using your software will see a serious move up in regards to the service they can provide.

Check out what Stevie had to say here:

"I like your software because it SERIOUSLY separates me from the rest... I would recommend it 110%"

Baillie & Baillie

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What’s the moral of this exciting story?

If your software provider is getting you down, perhaps it’s time for you to make that switch, much like Stevie.

Our software is a more powerful, automated system that you can pick up for a very reasonable monthly subscription… but that will pay you back on your investment over and over again.

Find out why thousands of agents love GNB Property

As your technology partner, we at GNB Property Software Solutions can cater for all your agency requirements, and with outstanding, second-to-none customer support.

We believe that we can take care of all of your office crm software needs, such as:

A comprehensive, integrated set of solutions

A focus on high quality customer service

Unparalleled instant communications for you and your clients

Unlimited properties

Unlimited staff users per branch

All-inclusive training at any time for everyone in your office

And, no long-term contracts

You can have everything in one place. That’s right – all in one place

Let us show you how we bring all this one-system together

We work with agencies nationwide to make their day-to-day operations a breeze;

We also find ways to help them grow their business. We help them scale up.

So…what are you waiting for?

Still want to know more?

Curious about how you can utilise our system to boost your business?

Book a demo now and take your business to the next level

With our cutting-edge technology and expertise, we will make that switch for you. We will do all the heavy lifting for you. All you have to do is give us the go-ahead.

And now is probably the best time to switch to your new technology partner – one who has your best interests at heart.

Whenever you are ready, reach out to us, and book a demo session with our experts to see how you can work smarter, neater… effortlessly and easily.

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You’ll be glad to know that we’re here for you all the way.

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