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No two agencies are the same; so would you settle for the same, standard way of working every other agency is using? Your business has its own unique needs, that’s why we’re dedicated to delivering flexible systems to our clients.

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Here are some of our satisfied partners:

"I wanted a service that was unique and flexible to our services."


"You tailor the product to the needs of the client, rather than telling me “this is what you need!"

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So what’s the solution?
The answer’s simple: A support team ready to help you work in the way you like to.
We are dedicated to making sure you get what you want from a Technology Partnership. Once you complete onboarding and training, you are welcome to make suggestions to you Account Manager about how you would prefer to work.
With over 75 third party integrations, you can combine almost any other provider so you can work in the way you know best.

It’s not complicated. You’ll be able to speak with our team to work out exactly what it is you want from your new AMC and we’ll take it from there. You can have a system made to fit your needs; whether it’s branding, integrating old software or redesigning a part of the system to fit you better.
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A Standard System Means:
  • Requirements that are specific to your business and employees aren’t taken into consideration
  • Systems can be overly complicated or not do exactly what you want them to
  • They presume your business is exactly like everyone else

What are the consequences?

  • Tasks that should be simple can become complicated
  • You waste resources on things that could be done easily on the system
  • You spend time and energy trying to make your business work with the system when it should be the other way around

A standardised system is like a house that isn’t quite a home.

Standard systems cost you time and money as you try to fit their idea of how to run your business!

So what’s the answer?

With a flexible system you can:

  • Work with a team to develop a way of working that nobody else has.
  • Collaborate with your Technology Partner to make your life easier
  • Streamline your workload and be as productive as possible

Your Property Management Software is the fundamental part of running your company in 2021 and is vital in staff productivity and management. So you want a system that supports your business and all its unique needs; with our tailor-made AMC’s, you’ll be able to have just that.

Every business wants a system that streamlines its workload but how to do that will vary from business to business. Your company isn’t the same as every other company out there; so why should you be expected to use the same system? An AMC designed with your needs in mind sets you up to be as productive and successful as possible.

With our dedicated team of IT experts, you can be certain that any request or requirement will be met with the best technology available - guaranteed

Your AMC can:

  • Be fully branded with your company’s logo and colours
  • Integrate any software your currently using
  • Be redesigned to fit you better
  • Grow alongside your business
  • Cater to your needs as they change

Improve productivity and take control of how you run your business with a tailor-made AMC that’s designed to fit you!

Book a Demo now to see this in action

We work with agencies all across the UK to make the day to day running easier and help them grow their business.

So what are you waiting for?

Want to know more? Curious about how you can save time and money on property viewings?

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It’s never really the perfect time to swap Technology Partners - so whenever you are ready, reach out to us.

Our Promises to you:

Win More instructions
Save Time, and Money
Rent / Sell More Properties
We give you the best treatment, so you can give your clients the best treatment.
No Contract, Unlimited Properties, Unlimited Users.
Everything you need from a Technology Partner, now and forever.
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