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Why Can’t Inventory Reports Be Simple?

Why Can’t Inventory Reports Be Simple?

Are you tired of overly complicated, time consuming and unreliable inventory reports? Well you don’t have to put up with that anymore; at GNB we’ve come up with a simple solution to make it easier than ever to make and keep track of your reports.
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"The App has been brilliant… We’ve put everything in the system and it all goes to plan."


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With so many properties to keep track of, it can be difficult and time consuming to produce the reliable inventory reports you need - So how can you change that?
With our Inventory App
An easy to use, fully integrated and reliable way to keep on top of and produce a range of accurate and up-to-date reports for all your properties.
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The problem with reports is:
  • They can be costly
  • They are not always accurate or reliable
  • They can take valuable time to produce
Why is this a problem?
  • The money you waste on producing reports takes away from what could be invested back into your business
  • Unreliable and inaccurate information risks making your business appear unreliable
  • The time it takes to produce a single report could be better spent with clients and growing your business
You want the best for your business but reports that take too long, cost too much and still might not be accurate aren't the best.
Why waste valuable resources on poorly done inventory reports?
So how can we help?
With our Inventory App you can:
  • Produce any type of report from anywhere
  • Quickly note down and save as much key information as you want
  • Keep on top of all existing and outstanding reports
  • Communicate directly with tradespeople
  • Produce and complete 5-star work at your leisure
Inventory reports are essential for communicating with a wide range of people, while keeping track of your clients property; that’s why we’ve developed our Inventory App - to help make another task easier than ever. So you can focus on getting clients and making sales.
With an app that’s fully integrated into your AMC, can sync to The Cloud and enables you to work from anywhere, you’ll face no hurdles in getting your reports done. You’ll have access to all the information you could need from any property and any device.
Our app ensures that you’ll be able to save time and money while producing the very best reports - quality guaranteed
Our Inventory App gives you:
  • Full access to any tenant, landlord or property information through your AMC
  • The ability to check existing tasks and raise new ones
  • Check-in, Check-out, Quarterly or custom reports
  • The space to save any number of photos taken then and there or uploaded later
  • The ability to record meter readings, alarm checks, damages and keys quickly and easily
  • The option to utilise E-signatures at your convenience
All this in one place and with the tap of a button your data can be smoothly compiled into a 5-star report and sent back to your AMC - to use at your leisure.

“[We] work far more efficiently thanks to this system”

Nicola - TIGER Property

We’ve worked with hundreds of agencies to make small but important and time consuming tasks as easy as possible.
So what are you waiting for?
Want to know more? Curious about how you can save time and guarantee quality in your emails?
It’s never really the perfect time to swap Technology Partners - so whenever you are ready, reach out to us.
Our Promises to you:
Win More instructions
Save Time, and Money
Rent / Sell More Properties
We give you the best treatment, so you can give your clients the best treatment.
No Contract, Unlimited Properties, Unlimited Users.
Everything you need from a Technology Partner, now and forever.
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